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    Requirements: Being selected after a physical tryout, constant on-the-job training and physical workoutsAverage annual salary: $50,650Top annual earners: $10 million plusThe downside: Extreme physical stress and injuries can take their toll on long term health, professional sports careers don’t last more than a few years for most people    C    T

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    Typing seems like an easy job, but it requires a lot of concentration and time. The faster you are, the more money you will make.   Q

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    #78. Fire protection engineering

    - Early career pay: $38,500

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    #7. Project management

    - Early career pay: $49,200
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    #96. Technical studies

    - Early career pay: $43,900
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    Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, usually a master’s degree, in addition to specialized training in the particular natural resource on which the geophysicist is workingAverage annual salary: $77,132Top annual earners: $106,000The downside: As the work is often project-based, there might be long periods of furlough and uncertainty. Continuing education is required of geophysicists, as new processes, systems, and treatments appear, promising even more efficient extraction of natural resources. Further, they may need to move frequently depending on where the exploration projects are located 长春吉祥棋牌斗地主下载红狗   I

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    Let’s look at nuclear energy for this example of a disadvantage. Most nuclear facilities rely on uranium as a fuel. Uranium is such a scarce resource that some nations have not located any deposits of it within their borders. Once that uranium is depleted, more must be obtained. That rarity not only increases costs and deals with sustainability issues, but it also means that technologies used to access the chemical energy can become useless over time.棋牌游戏开发设计红狗   Q    C


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    #23. Cardiovascular ultrasound (tie)

    - Early career pay: $55,400

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